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About our Hair Extensions Classes

The hair healer academy offers 5 different extension training seminars that will qualify the students to start working as a Hair Extension Specialist in Canada the next day.

Here are the 5 different Hair Extensions Courses you may choose from:

  • Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Cold Fusion Hair Extensions (single/double loop)
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Clip-in Hair Extensions
  • Hair Extensions Master Course (includes all 4 methods)


If you choose to register to the Hair Extensions Master Course (#5), there is no need to take the other courses, since this course includes all 4 methods.

The graduates will be able to work as an independent/mobile Extension Specialist, or they may choose to apply to work at a hair salon offering only the Hair Extension service – which is on a high demand these days.

The method of teaching we use, will not only provide you with the basic skills of extension application and removal, but will also give you all the tools necessary to start your own business the very next day, and market it in a unique way which will potentially make you stand out in this competitive market.


Each course is a 1 day intensive, with a lot of hands-on training as well as theory and marketing techniques.

What will you learn in the Hair Extensions Courses:

  • How and where to find your clients
  • Communication skills
  • How to present yourself as an expert
  • How to do a proper consultation
  • Matching the right colour and length for your client
  • How to apply the hair extensions
  • How to properly maintain the hair extensions (aftercare)
  • How to remove the hair extensions
  • How to create Highlights and Lowlights with the hair extensions
  • Hair extensions cutting/blending
  • How to deal with clients who experience hair loss
  • How to deal with “hard/picky” clients – Dealing with objections & questions
  • How to deal with a “NO” – how to always get a “YES”
  • Learn about the 4 client personalities
  • How to sell yourself in today’s competitive market
  • How to make your client come back and send you referrals
  • How to market your services and products
  • Where to find high quality hair extensions and equipment at low price
  • Find out how and where you  can start working


Upon registration to any one of the hair extension courses, each student will receive the following:

  • A bag with all the tools required to start
  • A mannequin head to practice at home
  • A training manual
  • Packages of hair to practice and take home


Upon completion of the hair extensions course, each student will receive:

  • A certificate from Keragreen Canada 
  • Access to hair and tool wholesalers across the GTA
  • Ongoing future support
  • Help with a website creation and social media presence


Learn more about The Keragreen Academy HERE

Locate an instructor in your area HERE



Hair Extensions Master Course Tool Kit

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