Terms & Conditions

The courses at the Keragreen Academy do not qualify the student to become a hairdresser. If you wish to become a fully licensed hairdresser in Canada, you must take a full year hairdressing course, work as an apprentice at a licensed hair salon for a minimum of 1500 hours, and then pass the hairdressing written exam at the “college of trades”.

The Keragreen Academy provides the students with short courses in the hairdressing field, and mostly focuses on the Hair Extensions Courses. Each student will receive a certificate upon successful course completion, but it is up to the student to keep on practicing or attending more courses if needed before starting to work as an extension technician.

The Keragreen Academy, and its associates do not guarantee that every single student will succeed in the hair extensions business and the other courses provided, however it provides the student with all the necessary tools to succeed. The student is solely responsible to stay persistent and follow all the material provided.

If you have signed up to a course and unable to attend the class, you must provide us with at least 72 hours notice. This will allow you to use the tuition fee paid as a credit in another upcoming course within ONE CALENDAR YEAR from the day you signed up.

PLEASE NOTE: The Keragreen Academy does not offer any refunds on class tuition.

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